How to Prevent Your Dog From Heatstroke

• Never ever leave your pet in the parked car, no matter whether the car has been parked in shade also. Hot, humid, sunny, shade etc, it is never to be done.

• A haircut will help to moderate the body temperature. Shaving up to the skin is not advised.

• Access to fresh water at all times. Outside arrangements like Summer pool is always a good option.

• Ignore exercise when the temperature is all heated up.

• Avoid to muzzle the dog, it will prevent the dog from panting.

• Let them splash around. Most of the dogs love to swim. It will help to bring down the body temperature.

• Avoid the beach / pavement / roads when the sun is out, paw pads can burn. (Asphalt can cause a second degree burn on your pet’s paw within 35 seconds.)

• Always make sure your pet has access to shade and fresh water

• Wrap a freezer pack in a towel and allow your dog to lay next to it

• Avoid being active with your pet during the peak heat of the day.

• Dogs do not have the ability to cool themselves on their own.Hence, it suggested using fans or air conditioners.

• Play it safe on hot, humid days.

• Always keep frozen snacks.

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IV. Even after taking all above cares, still your dog suffers from heatstroke then you need to act smart and fast. Just mug these points.

These are definitely going to help you:-

• Remove the dog from the hot area right away

• Use a rectal thermometer to measure the body temperature.

• Use a fan, air conditioner or water in order to wet him so that the body temperature can be brought down as soon as possible.

• It is strictly advised not to use ice or cold water because too much cooling may lead to life- threatening conditions.

• Try to provide free access to water, let the dog drink some water but should not be forced. It may result in a choke.

• Rush to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Health must be monitored and a vet can only address the exact condition.

Heatstroke can be cured with prior caution. It’s high time to realize that this particular term heatstroke is dangerous and should not be taken lightly. It might give deterrent results like death, organ failure, paralysis etc.

Your pooch always stays by your side unbiased, protective no matter what is the situation. So it becomes your duty to stay alerted and act smart when it comes to the health of your darling pooch.

It’s not paying back, it is being extra responsible to override the upcoming hazard and gifting a healthy and hearty life to your pooch.

Note: – Dogs who have already suffered from heatstroke previously, increase their risk for getting it again.

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