How to Prevent Your Dog From Heatstroke

Heatstroke – in very simple terms, it can be sentenced as – when the temperature of the body leaves the safer zone.

This particular hitch is getting common nowadays in dogs. The foremost reason behind heatstroke is that dogs don’t have the ability to sweat, they start to pant but panting generally doesn’t help them much and hence they can’t fully cool down their body temperature to the safer zone which is considered to be 100 – 102.5 degrees. And a minimum increase in their body temperature ie: reaching to 106 degrees might give deadly results.

Almost all dogs are prone to heatstroke. But there are some dog breeds that needs extra care.

I. Mentioning below the list of dog breeds that are at high risk of overheating-




Shih Tzu

Boston Terrier

French Bulldog


If you are an owner of any of the above dog breeds, you need to be extra attentive and responsible especially when the weather is getting all heated up outside.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Heatstroke

II. Here are a number of alarming instances which will help you in recognizing, when your dog is stepping towards heat stroke.

Watch out for these signs:-

• Dizziness (light-headedness)

• Heartbeat is much faster than normal.

• Bright red tongue (sticky or dry)

• Pale gums (red)

• Unexpected restlessness (getting impatient)

• Excessive, prolonged or recurrent, intense panting

• Drooling (thick and sticky saliva, may froth at mouth.)

• Weakness (collapses, unwilling to get up)

• Confusion

• Dog walks seem to be disoriented

• Upset stomach

III. Tips to avoid heatstroke – None of the pet parents wants their pet to suffer any kind of abnormality or even uneasiness. But uncertainty cannot be denied or escaped. Life is full of uncertainties and we have to be always with our laces tight. Being careless is not an option and can never be justified.

Make sure these acts are avoided strictly>>>>

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