How 💡 Intelligent Is My 🐶 Doggie? (Video )

Now in Leipzig in Germany a groundbreaking study has changed the way scientists understand canine cunning. Dr. Julian Kaminski started experimenting to find out which human gestures dogs could understand to comes both smelling like treats.

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Heidi treat in one place them in opposite directions. Now point.

Does and Beulah get the hint. The study shows dogs will read our body language correctly 90 percent of the time.

Even 6 month old puppies catch on pretty quickly. We suggest understanding our cues is a skill that dogs are born with. Why can’t our closest relative process information from us as well as dogs.

And when we started thinking about it the obvious answer is that dogs were genetically selected were domesticated by humans for interacting with us in particular ways relating to us emotionally in interesting ways but also communicating with us.

Chimps did not evolve to be dependent on us. They had no reason to develop the part of their brain that comprehends our gestures.

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Unlike Buehler and it’s not just body language. Dogs also chewed into our faces. Here’s the same experiment with a different kind of heat for foolproof intel. Dogs paid most attention to one particular part of our body.

Consider this Three people on a park bench one with a bucket over the head one with a blindfold on one with eyes visible from the shelter he is told to beg for a treat from one of them. Which one does she come from.

The idea his dogs may understand that we are more available to them when they can see our eyes.

An experiment on the dog’s attention to the human eye. Astounded scientists. This article contains paid links.