The Best Homemade Dog Treats ( Video )

Over 500 dogs we come into our training facility for dog obedience lessons if you want a dog who’s super motivated and focused and working for food just like these guys this is the go-to recipe.

So let’s talk with the ingredients in this dog treat recipe it’s really simple just a few ingredients and they are 1 cup of flour 1 can of tuna one egg and a quarter cup of cheese and we’re going to talk about the cheese in a minute.

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Video summary:

Because then there’s something you can do with the cheese that’ll make it even more enticing for your dog but let’s get started first up let’s add our 1 cup of flour to mix and then we’re going to add our 1 can of tuna now truth be told.

I hate tuna I hate the way tuna smells I hate the consistency of tuna however the dogs love it uh we all know how keen their sense of smell is and I think that’s part of it.

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Then you know the allure of these treats is the stinky smelling tuna is you know something that the dogs really really like and something they really enjoy.

But we’re just gonna break up that tuna we’re actually gonna add the water as well ok and in goes our egg let’s see if I can do this without leaving any of the shell inside the next note I actually did a pretty good job I think and finally in goes our quarter cup of cheese. Lear more in the video.