Healthy Dog Killed Intentionally πŸ’” To Be Buried Together With Owner

How badly do you want your pet to be with you even after death?

– A woman in Chesterfield County wanted so badly to be with her dog even after death.
– Her dog is a healthy Shih Tzu, at its prime age.
– Unfortunately, one of the woman’s dying wish includes being buried with her dog, regardless.

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News has been making its rounds online as a controversial thing happened in Chesterfield County where an elderly woman has caused the death of her healthy pet Shih Tzu, all because of her wish which is to be buried with it when the time comes, regardless of the dog’s health condition.

The local animal shelter where the dog was temporarily housed while all legal matters were being settled, bargained as much as they could to stop the said plan of euthanizing a healthy dog. However, the woman’s legal attorney was successful in keeping with the pet owner’s last request.

Do you agree with the outcome of this story?

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