A New Therapy For Dog Health?

Heart disease is one of the most common and deadly diseases known to men. Coincidentally, this disease is also common to men’s best friend.

– Science and Scientists just keep on moving forward when it comes to discoveries on cures for diseases.
– Heart disease could be ended thanks to the unceasing efforts of Scientists everywhere.
– A new technique has recently been developed and it could just be the answer to the deadly heart disease.

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If it’s good for dogs, then it will eventually lead to the betterment of humanity too… right? This is what every scientist is thinking of whenever they are developing new techniques or new advancements in Science. Currently, one of the many things that they are focusing on is gene therapy which could pave the way for the reduction of risk in heart disease fatalities in dogs.

Eventually, Scientists are looking at the long-term goal, which is to make it a successful breakthrough for humans too.

This would be one of the most useful updates for medicine since heart disease has always been one of the most common and most deadly diseases that ever existed for both dogs and humans.

How did Science achieve such great height? Find out here – https://www.wsj.com.