I Think My Dogs A Bit “TOO EMOTIONAL” πŸ’”

Whenever I talk to my dog, I can see that his eyes response in ways that seem like he felt me.

– I’m very curious if my dog and all the other dogs really are capable of feeling.
– If so, how much are dogs able to comprehend?
– Does this mean that dogs are truly highly-intellectual creatures?

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My curiosity got the best of me and I did extensive research on the truth about dogs and their capacity to β€œFEEL”. Well, it all started when I accidentally talked to my dog in straight up English, and to my surprise, it was able not only to follow my instructions, but I also saw so much empathy in his eyes. Got me wondering if my dog (and all other dogs, for that matter) is really capable of feeling (just like us humans).

I was not very surprised when I found out the answer — and it was a BIG YES, according to scientists. It has been declared that dogs indeed are empathic and are therefore capable of feeling emotions with and for their owners.

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Here’s one of the useful articles that I found about this topic – https://theconversation.com.