Dogs Test 🍾 Wines Through By Sniffing Them… Find Out Why!

Winemakers in Wine County have been using dogs and their sniffing capacity for a great purpose.

– As thousands of crates are being packed and delivered, illegal items may be inserted in them.
– Winemakers are worried that their packages are used to smuggle drugs.
– Right now, the best solution is to employ dogs to sniff possible contrabands.

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Many illegal items get in and out of the country through an innocent carrier who doesn’t have a clue that they’ve been used as a mule to carry these illegal items to the designated areas.

One very common companies that get intertwined with these syndicates is the winemakers, whose crates are commonly used to insert and transport illegal drugs, weapons, and smuggle them into a country.

To avoid getting caught in this unwanted and messy situation, winemakers felt the need to have the dogs sniff their packages in order to clear it from those illegal items, which can endanger their reputation and the quality of their products.

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