POOR Dog’s Leg Gets Caught In A COYOTE TRAP… Terrible Scene! πŸ˜”

What’s the most terrifying thing for a pet lover to see? Their pets suffering in pain.

– A pet owner in Troy, Michigan has filed a complaint to the local authorities.
– His pet accidentally got caught in a coyote trap.
– There were several other traps found within the area, which were exposed to children and pets.

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Residences in Troy, Michigan have been suffering from coyote infestation for a very long time now. There have been so many mischiefs brought about by these wild creatures. So some of the residences thought it was wise to place snares and traps for these unwanted animals in the local area.

However, there seems to be a backfire as coyotes were not the only ones getting caught in these traps. A pet owner recently complained that his dog got caught in one of these snares and endangered losing its leg during the accident.

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