Are Your Dogs Happy When You’re Home?

When we leave our house and we leave our dog the entire day, it usually makes us feel sad when we miss them. Little do we know, they too miss us as.

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– Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving creatures on the planet.
– Dogs will never leave your side no matter what happens.
– When their owners stay home, dogs are usually ecstatic about it.

Some people would get a dog with the intention of having someone guard their house while they are out all day long. What happens instead is, they are hesitant to leave the house when the dog is there – simply because they miss not seeing their furry friend all day long.

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On the other hand, the dog left at home is also longing to be with its owner. Thus, it’s a lose-lose situation whenever the owner is away. This makes us conclude that whenever we’re at home, it’s probably one of the best days of our dog’s life.

If you can notice, dogs usually stay alert, active, and enthusiastic when they are in our presence. This is simply because they want to spend as much quality time with us as they can while we are in the house with them.

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