LOOK At These Poor Dogs: 💔 Abandoned In The Streets, Noone Seems To CARE!

In India, so many dogs can be seen in the streets, abandoned and without a shelter to go to.

– One of the countries with so many animal rescues is India.
– There are so many dogs in the streets of Nenagh that it will surely break the hearts of dog lovers.
– Is there anything that we can do to help these abandoned and unloved dogs in this area?

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For some reasons, which pet lovers will never understand, the number of abandoned pets in Nenagh India is alarmingly increasing. Nenagh Guardian reports that more and more local citizens are actually leaving their pet dogs out on the street in purpose, with no intention of ever going back for them.

So why does this even happen?

There are so many possible reasons why this is becoming a trend, one of them is the possibility that families in the local area are finding it more and more difficult to feed and maintain these pets in their homes.

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Read the full article here to find out how people overseas can help – https://www.nenaghguardian.ie.