Dog Vs. Wolf 🐺 – DIFFERENT or THE SAME?

Are dogs really descendants of wolves? Find out now!

– You’ve probably noticed the uncanny resemblance of dogs and wolves.
– You’re not imagining things, dogs and wolves really have more things in common than we think.
– Here’s a historical review of how dogs are really linked with wolves.

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Evolutionary anthropologists are focusing their research on the most likely possibility that dogs are really descendants of wolves! As crazy as it may sound, but their claims may just have some good grounds and bearings.

When you look at your own dog, just examine their stature and body build, together with their fur and especially those paws! You can really see the amazing resemblance.

Their characteristics are also very linked, not to mention their loyalty and bravery. Thus, professionals may just be right when they claim that dogs are wolves’ descendants.

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