Dog Owners Face HIGH 💸 COSTS For Dog Food And Care

So you love dogs, right? But can you REALLY afford one?

– Acquiring a dog may have varied costs.
– Sometimes you get them for free, through adoption.
– Sometimes you need to pay for them in high amounts, especially if they are a pure breed.

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Most dog owners may not notice it, because they have pure sheer love for their pets, but having a dog could be a high price to pay – literally!

Regardless of what age the puppies are when you got them, homing a dog is not at all cheap. Well, it would, of course, depend on how well you treat them and “spoil” them, but the bottom line is, no dog comes with a cheap price tag.

An estimated monthly cost of $26 TO $75 was the average result when dog owners were surveyed on the topic… BUT in real life, it shoots way beyond those figures.

By how much?

As much as double the ceiling value… a shocking $150 a month!

It goes to show that if you really love dogs, these costs become mere numbers and the price becomes bearable.

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