Dog: From War 🎖️ Military Training To House Pet

Susana Raab decided to adopt Dyngo, a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, a war veteran dog.

– It usually takes so much adjustment for dogs to be house trained after serving the military.
– Dyngo’s experience with his new owner is the perfect example of how difficult things can get.
– Before you adopt a former service dog, read this article first.

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It took Susana Raab a long time to make up her mind as to whether or not she should go and push through with the dog adoption or not. She was about to make a very big decision because it was not like any ordinary adoption. Raab was about to adopt not just any ordinary dog but a war veteran dog.

According to Susana, Dyngo was a very sweet dog and that it was an instant connection between the two of them. The first night didn’t go that bad according to her; however, the day after on the early morning was a totally different story when the dog seemed to be a bit jumpier and restless.

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