Do Dogs 🐕 Really Have FEELINGS? 💔 Here’s Solid PROOF!

A senior dog gets dumped for a younger dog… This is really sad.

– A 15-year-old dog was sadly replaced by a young puppy.
– People were curious about how the abandoned dog felt about everything that happened.
– So are dogs really capable of feeling anything?

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Dogs are always the best part of anyone’s home. They usually brighten up any family’s atmosphere and they’re also good stress relievers. However, not all dogs are treated well by their owners all the time. Some are abused and some are unloved.

It’s been known and established that dogs are smart, by there are so many people are left to wonder if dogs can also feel anything, like as in emotionally. A video has gone viral that proves how dogs are really able to feel hurt and sadness when abandoned or replaced by another dog.

One Sаn Bеrnаrdino shеltеr just rescued a senior dog named Cookie, who was, later on, turned down and rejected by its owner.

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