Cutest Dog Face 😍 — All Thanks Top Evolution?!

Have you ever wondered why dogs seem to be becoming more and cuter over time?

– History would tell us that dogs in the past didn’t really look as cute as they do now.
– Dogs may have the evolution to thank for their cute puppy-eyed features.
– New dog breeds are even spawning from time to time, producing new facial details of these dogs.

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According to science, some dog breeds are new and that dogs in the past is not really as good looking or as cute as they are in today’s time. The reason? EVOLUTION, baby!

Yes, that’s right. Although we may see dogs daily and on a regular basis, we may or may not have noticed that they are at a constant change every now and then. In short, dog features are constantly developing and changing.

For what reason?, you may ask… well, as any evolution is based on, most likely it is for basic survival.

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