News On Dog Cancers – A Breakthrough?

A dog’s health is essential. Every dog needs to be taken care of regardless of their breed. What was thought to be a simple fracture turned out to be a more serious health problem for the Bernese mountain dog.

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– A Bernese mountain dog was thought to have a broken bone.
– The owner did not mind it until the problem persisted.
– This dog’s journey has made an important breakthrough for many dogs everywhere.

The Bernese mountain dog is named Truman and upon check-up with the veterinarian, it revealed that the dog actually has osteosarcoma – a bone cancer that is common in big dogs. Sadly, it has affected Truman. The owners were shocked to find out about this result considering that the dog, as they claim, has been following a healthy diet plan all throughout his life.

Truman’s owners didn’t let the diagnosis stop them from finding out more about the disease. Thanks to their persistence, patience, and dedication; the dog is updated with all the required therapy for its road to recovery. In fact, Truman’s case has paved the way for more understanding and discoveries about bone cancer in both dogs and humans.

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