Dog Shows Care Through Face And Body πŸ• Language

Ever wonder what your pet dog is thinking… or even feeling?

– There has been a lot of speculation whether or not dogs are smart enough to feel or not.
– Dogs are indeed capable of feeling.
– Scientific research and experiments prove this fact about dogs.

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How often have you seen your dog give out a very expressive look, which every time seems to be very appropriate for the current situation?

Dog owners would agree that their dogs are considered their best friend simply because whatever the owner is going through, the pet dog seems to understand them better than any person he/she knows.

To make it clear, professional veterinarians have tested the theory that dogs are capable of feeling, and the results were conclusive that indeed it’s true. The cutest part of their experiment was when the dogs took with them their favorite toy, which seems to be consistent for almost all participating dogs.

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