Another Dog Attack Leads To DEATH! 😨

A dead body from Kentucky was examined and the cause of death is very tragic.

– The last thing that dog lovers want to hear is negative news about animals.
– Animals are rarely aggressive, but when they do go wild, they tend to be very harmful indeed.
– New death in Kentucky was recently caused by a dog attack.

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Not just one but TWO huge dogs were said to have caused the death of a poor guy in Kentucky who must’ve suffered a terrible and painful way to die. The man was Brian S. Butler who was from Benton, and he died a few weeks ago on a Sunday.

The autopsy report officially stated that the cause of Butler’s death was blunt force trauma, which was related to the attack of 2 dogs toward him. The police said there was no other possible cause, and this news indeed comes in a very sad note.

The dogs that attacked and killed Butler is now under quarantine and are being guarded by the Marshall County Animal Control unit until further instructions are given to them.

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