Dog Adoption – Good For The Dog, Good For The Owner!

Ricardo Lazo went to Russia last June 26 to watch his favorite football team play. He’s back in Russia now… for a stray dog.

– A football fan was compelled to return to Russia, just to rescue a stray dog he saw over a month ago.
– The generous rescuer was Ricardo Lazo, who was from Peru.
– Lazo was in Russia last June to watch a football match when he saw a stray dog, whose eyes he can’t forget.

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Ricardo Lazo met the stray dog during his stay in Russia last June when he went there to watch the World Cup. Lazo admits that it was the stray dog’s eyes that he kept remembering. The look on the poor dog’s eye was enough to make Lazo go back to Russia, to find again and this time, rescue the stray dog.

A genuine dog lover, Lazo felt love at first sight with the stray dog. He was very excited to return to the country to help and give the dog a new home in Lima.

This is not the end of Lazo’s generosity. He said he has always been planning on starting an animal shelter, and it would likely become a reality anytime soon.

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