Why People Are Stepping Up to Foster Pets?

Labrador puppies, hundreds and hundreds of them, are in need of homes for them to work as guide dogs.

– Approximately two hundred dogs annually need a loving home for basic training.
– The Guide Dogs Australia is now seeking help for loving families who may want to help.
– These families or homes are usually referred to as “puppy raisers”.

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If you have a loving family or a home that can accommodate a puppy, like a labrador retriever, you may want to raise your hand and volunteer for this great opportunity.

Yearly, there are around 200 labrador puppies that need a training home for basic tasks, according to the Guide Dogs Australia. This number is rising and rising as the years go by, especially lately when the numbers are at its peak.  The untold story though is how these puppies are raised as they are aging and getting their training completed along the way.

These families or homes are called “puppy raisers, where they will take care and help rear a guide dog so that it will be trained to do basic home tasks for them to become a good and better guide dog when they are older.

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