How To Detect Seizure? GET A DOG! 👍🏻

Seizure is one of the most dangerous episodes that can life-threatening when undetected.

– Dogs have one of the most powerful sniffs in the world.
– Seizure can come at any time and with no warning or whatsoever.
– Experts are now looking into the possibility that dogs may just be useful in some way.

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Every family members who have seen their loved ones experience seizure would want a way to detect this unwanted event. Seizure can be very dangerous and there are so many cases of life threatened by it at some point.

If given the chance, it would be very useful to be able to foresee it if it were about to happen.

Experts are now focusing on the idea that dogs could be able to detect seizure, and help their owners avoid risks and dangers.

The dogs are required to undergo extensive training before they are allowed to really be able to take the important post of monitoring patients for possible seizure attacks.

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