Criminal Accused Of Bitting Big Dog On The Face! ๐Ÿถ

Some criminals would do ANYTHING just to get off the hook and avoid going to prison.

– Police officers could not believe their eyes when they saw a suspect attempting to bite off a canine.
– The suspect was a 35-year-old man named Matthew Williams, from Nashua.
– Was the dog harmed by this offensive man? Find out in the story below.

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When 35-year-old Matthew Williams barricaded himself in a hotel room a few weeks ago, the owner of the hotel was alarmed and called the attention of the local authorities in order to make sure that his renter was safe and at the same time would not inflict any harm to other guests of the hotel.

Unfortunately, Williams was very uncooperative, even to the armed force who arrived immediately at the site a few minutes after receiving the distress call.

When the suspect was finally taken into custody by the cops, Williams started to create more efforts in causing chaos by starting a fight with the police dog and even attempted to bite its face.

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