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When a dog owner found out that his dog is dead, it literally BROKE his HEART! How did her dog die?

– A vicious attack left a dog owner heartbroken, when its poor dog died.
– An aggressive dog went on attacking a helpless dog, which ended up dead right after the attack.
– In an attempt to protect her dog during the attack, the owner got herself injured too!

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A 75-year-old lady was left with a shattered heart after her poor little dog became a victim of a vicious attack. The attack happened in Speke, and the owner was left heartbroken and devastated.

During the vicious attack, the lady owner had no choice but to place her own life to protect her dog. The owner placed her own hand in between the attacker and her dog, in hopes of putting an end to the violence.

It was a failed attempt, which only resulted in a severe injury on the old lady’s hand.

The helpless victim dog ended up dead, and the owner was completely heartbroken.

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