A Big 🐕 Dog Park Is Coming SOON! – Which City Is The Lucky One?

One of the best additions a neighborhood could ever have is a dog park.

– There are so many amenities that a neighborhood can add to make it more appealing.
– Homeowners usually love a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a dog park within their area.
– A very lucky city in Wisconsin is about to have a very big dog park very soon.

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If you’re like most dog owners, one of your wishes, when you check out a neighborhood, is the availability of a dog park, of course, a playground too if you have kids! The difference is that playgrounds are more common and are mostly present in almost all neighborhood, but a dog park isn’t that common, but a lucky city in Wisconsin is about to have one and it isn’t just any dog park — it’s going to be a huge and artistic one! Filled with paintings and various artworks as well!

The organizers of this soon-to-be dog park in Wausau, WI just recently had a meeting to discuss important matters and details about the plans for the upcoming dog park, which is scheduled to have a full-blown opening next year, 2020.

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Read the good news here – https://wsau.com.