Dog Lovers’ Big Dilemma 😥 When It Comes To Aging Pets

Pets can’t live forever, no matter how much we want them to.

– Dogs and cats usually have limited time with us because they usually live far fewer years than us.
– Pet owners are sometimes caught in the dilemma of when to let go of their pets.
– There’s usually “the right time” for saying goodbye and accepting their loss.

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There is no such thing as being prepared and ready for the inevitable thing called death. Even the most mature pet owner would not want to say goodbye to their cats or dogs simply because they would want to extend time with them as much as possible.

So when is “the right time” to let go of our best friends, then? The answer may be a surprise to most pet owners. According to most vets, it is actually wiser and less agonizing for pets when their owners know when to let them go. Allowing pets to grow old and experience a lot of diseases can make suffer even more pain than we think possible.

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