A Maremma Dog Guards Ducks (Video )

The Maremmano Abruzzese likes the terrific expanse and particularly the distance to his master. For centuries till today his primary task has actually been to shield the herd and the shepherd.

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The Maremmano Abruzzese always follows his group: throughout the day he constantly accompanies them vigilantly to the fields, during the night he camps nearby and also keeps watch.

Also at temperatures well below cold factor, this durable and also resistant breed constantly favors staying outside.

Only when it is extremely hot does it seek an unethical place inside. It is also feasible to maintain the Maremmano in a house with a large yard, to ensure that it has sufficient space to run around as well as his close family members call.

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The breed was born in 1958 from the crossbreeding in between the excellent Abruzzo shepherd dog and also its smaller family member, the Maremma guard canine.

Also today the shepherds appreciate his originality and the security he offers to his master as well as the herd. In Italy he is additionally made use of as an area guard and also as a domestic and ranch pet dog.