7 Easy Ways A 🐶 Dog Owner Can Start Working From 🏡 Home

Why working from home as a dog owner?

What do you feel when you leave your dog alone at home for many hours? Do you worry about what can happen to your dog? Do you worry about a thief who can harm your dog or steal him/her? Do you think your dog feels depressed without you?
Do you worry that your dog can get hurt and die because there’s no one at home? Or, are you afraid that your neighbors will get angry because of your dog’s constant barking? This article contains paid links.

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I’ve been there many times, so I absolutely understand your concerns. I found an easy solution to all your worries, read on.

I’m going to show you 7 ways that you can make money online and work from home. Yes you can do this from your home base and all you need is a computer or laptop. And for one option you even dont need a computer at all.

You can do these on the site and you can potentially make a run about 50 – 100 dollars per day or more. Below you find the basic steps to start today.

Start Dog Walking

Do you have a dog? And you love to walk your dog or dogs? So why not add one or more other doggies to your daily walks?

Best to start could be, you start dog walking for friends and neighbors. This way you get the ball rolling. Beside the fact you start making some extra cash, you start building your dog walker reputation.

Start listening around, if a dog owner is planning a holiday. This could be a good point to start a conversation and start a walk the dog. When you have done this, you will be likely asked to do it again. Your network will grow, step by step. Let them know, that you are planning to make this a business.

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To start making money from the beginning, would be joining a agency. Of course they will take their share, but you get experience and they will handle all the legal stuff. While you work for the agency you can meet dog owners, getting a feeling for the market, learning the ropes and polish your resume.

Chat Customer Service

This one is really cool and kind of on an upcoming trend. There are a lot of people wanting to do this particular method that is called a „Chat Customer Reprentative“.

And the reason people want to do this is because it’s actually really easy to do. All you have to do is sit at your computer work for a particular company doing customer service over a chat bot and this is growing at a fast rate because we have so many new apps coming out now.

So many new softwares, so many new web sites that need chat support. And it’s really easy so let’s say someone has a question and you can’t answer that particular question, then you forward the question to the next level support team.

The rate starts at around about ten dollars per hour. It goes all the way up to 20 dollars per hour depending on what particular company you work for. But the best thing is the average is around about 14 dollars which is quite good.

So you can make 50 – 100 dollars a day on 14 dollars an hour quite easily. In fact if you can get a job that will give you work every single day doing this and you can easily make a weekly wage with no problem at all.

Here is the Link https://www.indeed.com/

Start Blogging

This is one of my favorites and I do this every day. Most people think this method is dead but I can tell you right now it’s far from dead. I know people making thousands of dollars a year. The important thing with blogging is, you are usually interested in something whether it be teaching, gardening, surfing, dog training, you name it.

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And you can start a blog about that particular topic.

Now here’s a bit of a tip when you start a blog. The first question is always, what should i write about? Well, that’s rather easy. People are looking for answers and solutions on the internet.

So if you’re starting a gardening blog, for example, you can write about how to easy grow herbs at home, how to buy the best gardening equipment, how to fix a broken hose and so on. If you use how to as a starting point for a topic you will never run out of ideas. Really never ever!

And when you start a blog and keep putting out content and eventually Google will start to see you as an authority in that particular niche and you will get even more traffic.

And you will make more money and rank for more keywords. But the problem with blogging is, most give up because they don’t see results straight away.

To be clear, with blogging you’re not gonna make one hundred dollars right from the start. If you just put the work in and be patient, the money will start pooring in.

Website Flipping

Flipping digital real estate is a great way to make money online. So what you want to do is go to a website like justdropped.com. What happens is, every single day expired domains get put up for sale and some of them have really cool names and you can actually buy these names and resell them.

So you just have to watch the daily output. Sometimes you will buy a name or two and and sit on those names for a while and then sell them at a later time or straight away. So in fact it’s simple. You buy a domain for a price and sell the domain with a profit.

Popular Website:  Flippa.com

Become A Virtual Assistant

In fact, any body can become a virtual assistant. And you don’t actually need many skills. Of course always use the skills you have. There are many people out there who run a business and cant or dont want to spend time on certain tasks and looking for a virtual assistant.

Its really funny, most people think they actually need to have some sort of skills. But you dont. Most employers will give you the training for specific tasks.

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You can go out and be a virtual assistant straight away by going to websites like upwork.com or freelancer.com. There you can look for people who are looking for virtual assistants.

As i wrote before, they will train you to do the specific tasks that they need for their business.

People will pay good money for a reliable virtual assistant that saves them money in the long run and saves them time. So, give it a try.

Start A Youtube Channel

Why video? Video is the future medium. Period. Many people say that there’s not much money to be made on YouTube. Well, there are Youtubers out there who make thousands, even 10 thousands of dollars a month.

If you combine a Youtube channel with your blog, that’s even more powerful. And keep in mind, all the big Youtube stars started with 0 followers and zero videos on their channel.

But first, lets check the situation. Nowadays its so easy to start a Youtube channel. You can make a video in like 10 to 20 minutes. The cool thing about a YouTube channel, you don’t need a expensive gear to start. Your smartphone has the right camera.

You can really can start with your mobile phone. You can do it with the crappiest camera you’ve got. You don’t even need special lighting.

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Some people pay a lot of money to advertise on popular channels. YouTube is a very good way to make money from home. In fact it’s a fantastic option to do this together with blogging.

You can turn your videos by transcribing into a blog post. Now you might think it’s very time consuming or expensive to tanscribe a video. It is not. There are cheap automatic, fast and accurate transcribe services on the internet.

To edit a video it takes about an hour it takes about 10 minutes to upload. So thats a no brainer. You can have a video done completed and uploaded onto YouTube within around two hours.

Fact is, most of the internet traffic is going to be video traffic. Look around yourself. Every smartphone user is watching videos everywhere.

If you wanna jump into it, it can be hard to get views in the beginning. But just go onto YouTube and blogs and learn how to get views on your YouTube channel.

It is actually a lot easier than you might think and you just need to optimize videos properly. You just have to follow my blogging advise and start with the „How To ….“ topics.

Internet transcribe service: https://www.happyscribe.co/

Do The Man In The Middle Arbitrage (Free Course)

Being a middleman is actually simple. There’s people who are looking online for some tasks like designing a logo or writing articles. So for example someone on freelance.com or upwork.com wants a logo design and is willing to pay 150 or 200 dollar.

You tell them you can do that and go to a logo design website and offer for a logo design and you are willing to pay 90 or 100 dollar. Then you submit their logos to your customer and earn the difference.

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So in short, you find a job that someone wants to get done. You say, hey I can I can do this. And then you outsource it to someone else as well. This is toally legal and lots of people do this and it is a great way to make some money.