A Luxury Dog Bed to Pamper and Spoil Your Pet

Dog Bed

It would be a cruel pet parent who would let his pooch sleep on the bare floor or, horrors of horrors, outside in the dog house. The dog is the light of your life and your trusted, devoted companion.

If he likes to monopolize sofas and couches, it is only fitting that he deserve a comfortable bed he can call his own should he ever feel the need to relax and do some serious thinking, napping or dreaming or all of them in no particular order.

A furry spaniel may not bother much where he bunks down for the night (or day) but he does appreciate the comforts of a cozy bolster style luxury dog bed in which he can curl up and snooze.

If you are the proud parent of a pair of dogs then you will find they enjoy the novelty designer dog beds that allow them to burrow under the covering in close comfort with each other. A greyhound is lean and mean and has no hair and he is also larger in size. For his sleeping comfort you can get him a furniture style dog bed on which he can stretch out and relax in royal contentment.

A tiny Pekinese may love to curl up on one of the cute dog beds you can get from designer boutique pet stores online. If you live in a colder region then your dear mutt does deserve a thermo heated bed to keep him warm and comfortable. A blanket would be very nice to go along with it, thank you.

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Dogs are variously considered as hardy, tolerant, sensitive, easygoing, thick-skinned or tough but they do love to sleep. If and when the mood seizes them, as it does often, you will find that they are more prone to jump right into your bed and lay themselves across you.

This is in the mistaken belief that you might be feeling cold and lonely and need a warm comforter. Do not be surprised if he keeps licking your face from time to time. It is just to check you are breathing. It is his prime responsibility to ensure you get him breakfast when you do wake up and this can only be if you have a good night’s sleep.

Maybe you may not want him to be the second (or third) person on your bed. Get him a proper bed like you would for any family member. He is no less. You will no doubt know by now that dogs take their duties to protect you and keep you entertained quite seriously. The least you can do is repay him for his kindness by giving him a proper bed he can proudly call his own. It might even come in useful when he has a friend coming over to spend the night with him. You definitely do not want two of them on your bed or lying on the floor to trip you over.

Author: isca