The Best Of Nascar Racing Games

NASCAR is otherwise known as National Association for Stock Car Auto racing. But for many of us, we know it as one of America’s most exciting car race games. It even becomes cooler if we are in the arena where all the action happens; the raving of engines before the start off shot, the wild cheers as the cars gain momentum and try to outdo each in a cut throat speed. If we are closer to the race track we can’t help but hold our breaths as the multi-colored cars whizz past at a neck break speed.

This is the kind of excitement NASCAR has offered ever since it was founded in the 40’s by Sr. Bill France. The racing franchise started as a small family business but it has grown today to be heading over 1500 races in over 100 tracks spread across the America. Some of the major events held by the race car association include:
•    The Sprint Cup Series
•    Nationwide Series
•    Camping World Truck Series
•    NASCAR Local Races
•    Whelen Modified Tour
With the success of races held in American tracks, NASCAR has spread its tentacles to incorporate the race game in states outside America. Currently the racing Franchise holds exhibition races in Canada, Suzuka & Motegi tracks in Japan, Australia and South America’s Mexico.

With its humble headquarters at Daytona Beach, Florida, the stock car Franchise has nurtured some of the greatest race talents in Stock Car Championship. In their hall of fame, you would fail to get legendary stock car racers like Jeff Gordon or Richard Pretty.
What about the NASCAR cars? One glance and you would appreciate the strong built of the modern stock-cars compared to their premier counterparts.

The modern day stock-car for the races are built right from scratch with state of the art parts being added here and the till the cars become complete and unbeatable racing beasts. Some of the stock-car hot shots we have today include Dodger Charger, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Impala.  Moreover, the stock cars have a different build to them than other race cars like F1’s. These ones are specially build with fenders on the side to counter against the frequent contacts with other cars when racing side by side.
Every race car championship out there always has its glorious moments or events that highlight the whole excitement of racing.

For stock car races, The Chase Sprint Cup is what gets the audience booking early tickets and the stock car racers training to the last sweat drop. For you to qualify for the Chase sprint cup, you have to appear in the top 12 list after a successful race. The count of successful races is 26; and you have to be in the 12 best in every race for you to be on The Chase Line up.

The Chase championship was formed to curb bad points scenarios like the Matt Kenseth glory in 2003. Matt accumulated huge points for the whole season which affected ratings for both the on track records and also media records. The Chase is thus a mechanism that is meant to develop a norm curve for the stock car races. It’s not that easy winning in the 12 in all 26; that’s why NASCAR offers a consolation prize of $1M to the stock car racer who finishes in the 13 position overall.

The excitement surrounding stock car racing can be felt both on track and off track. The adrenaline surge is evident in both the aggressive racers and the cheering fans on the sides or at home watching. Besides the serious burning of asphalt by the stock cars, these championship games have proven to be one of the most organized and watched race games ever.

Author: isca