A Loss in the Family

I’m sure newcritics bloggers and readers will join me in sending condolences to one of our regulars. Dennis Perrin, whose sister-in-law was tragically murdered Friday in what seems to have been a random act of violence. His post on the tragedy is here, but I was particularly moved by this excerpt:

Whenever tragedies like this happen, the survivors always paint the deceased in bright colors. To be expected and not to be dismissed. But please trust me friends when I tell you that Holly was one of the sweetest, most positive individuals I’ve ever known. Holly faced some serious adversity in her life, but it never seemed to drag her down. She remained optimistic and upbeat no matter what. I don’t know how she swung that, but I’ll always be amazed and impressed that she did.

Our best wishes to Dennis and his family.

Author: Tom Watson

6 thoughts on “A Loss in the Family

  1. My heart goes out to Dennis and his family. I have no words, nor experience that could possibly ease the pain, but I would say that I’m deeply sorry for the loss.

  2. Dennis I wish you and your family all the best, and much love during this trying, and sad time…

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