Editor’s Note: Updates and Blogathon Notes

I’m still laughing. Or perhaps cackling, chortling or guffawing. Engaged in mirth. And thanks to co-organizers M.A. Peel and Jason Chervokas, newcritics’ first-ever blogathon went off spectacularly last week. I’ve been under the weather, so this note is a bit late – but how great was that blogathon? Great, great posts from some many bloggers here and lots of wonderful links out in greater blogland. M.A. kept the round-up here. And please take another look at these epic posts – an impressive line-up:

A Peek into the Writers’ Room by MA Peel

Comedy in Character by Self-Styled Siren

The Comedy of The Office: Humor, Familiarity and Ambition by Tom Watson (that’s me)

Chekhov’s Cup of Coffee by Lance Mannion

It’s Just This Little Chromium Switch Here: Channelling The Firesign Theatre by Rory Mach

The Essence of Comedy: Leslie Nielsen’s Umpire Moondance by Levi Asher

Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia by Lance Mannion

The Shamus Takes ‘Manhattan’ by The Shamus (of course)

Woody Allen: Television Days by David Bushman

Wil Sylvince: New York’s Funniest Comic by Jason Chervokas

The Late, Great Mitch Hedberg by Viscount LaCarte

A Short History of British Radio Comedy by Steve Bowbrick

Funny Ha Ha? by Dan Leo

My Favorite Comedy, Explained by Jon Swift

The Best Stand-Up Comedy Albums by Jason Chervokas

The blogathon was so much fun, we’re gonna do it again after the first of the year. Music? Movies? You tell us.

Also, you may have noticed a new live event in these parts. With Mad Men in hiatus, newcritics veteran Claire Helene and newcomer Jennifer Krentz teamed up to live-blog the start of the fourth season of Project Runway, the ultimate fashion-model-designer snarkfest. I missed the event (being confined to the sickbed) but loved reading the play-by-play this morning. Look for more next week.

Just a quick update: we now have 44 bloggers on newcritics, with 365 posts and 3,329 comments, contained within 34 categories. Oh, and welcome the other new newcritics David Bushman and Kelly Hadous.

Author: Tom Watson

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  1. Welcome to Jennifer! You know we love you, babe. (Even if I couldn’t quite bring myself to watch “Project Runway”; but like Tom I enjoyed reading the live-blog anyway. I felt like Agent Mulder, trying to make sense of some cryptic message from somewhere Out There.)

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