Binding Yoga Poses – A 30-minute Routine For Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

Binding yoga poses are usually thought of as restricting your shoulders. However, in this 30-minute routine for intermediate Vinyasa flow, you will be able to bind your shoulders while freeing the other parts of your body. Make sure that you have two blogs and a strap for this yoga routine. If you are ready, continue reading and watching below!

Freya writes in the comments:

This class opened up my upper back in a way that’s made a couple aches and pain disappear. I feel quite literally refreshed and rejuvenated ???????? thank you so much Kassandra!!

Binding yoga poses are shoulder-intensive. Be sure that your shoulders are strong and you can do these poses without any pain. If you feel any pain, please do not continue.

Binding Yoga Poses – 30-Minute Routine

You will start the Vinyasa flow for the binding yoga poses by opening up your shoulders. Lay on your belly and extend your left arm. Bend it while it’s facing the floor and roll over your left ear, left shoulder, and left hip. Do the same for your right side.

Next is the puppy pose stretch. This will give your shoulders more stretch and more opening up so that you can properly do the binding yoga poses in this routine. Then, you will transition to a table top pose to do thread the needles. Do this for both sides.

Transition to downward dog so your body can get a full-body stretch. Check out the rest of the video on the binding yoga poses you will do for this routine!

Binding Yoga Poses / Canva
Binding Yoga Poses

Binding Yoga Poses Benefits

Yoga has so much to offer both mentally and physically, but have you heard of binding yoga?This type puts an emphasis on stretching your body while also building strength.

It provides excellent benefits for those who are looking to become more flexible or refine their practice by adding expressive poses into the mix.

Plus, it can help open up one’s chest area in order to make movement smoother – greatly improving mobility within arms and shoulders!

This can help reduce stiffness caused by everyday activities like carrying groceries or typing at a desk for too long. Binding yoga also helps you improve your posture which can help reduce neck and shoulder pain over time.

Increase Strength In Arms And Core

Binding yoga also helps increase strength in your arms and core through building engage muscles in the abdomen and back while stretching out your hip flexors.

This type of exercise also strengthens your wrists as you continuously stretch them during these poses. Furthermore, it increases range-of-motion throughout your entire body.

So if you are looking to become stronger overall this type of exercise may be just what you need!

Promote Better Focus

Aside from physical benefits, binding yoga also can promote better focus since it requires equanimity throughout each pose as well as strong concentration to make sure form is kept intact.

This makes it ideal for practicing mindfulness meditation since it allows one to let go of distractions from outside sources and focus solely on themselves and their practice through each breath they take while completing each pose.

Binding Yoga With A Partner?

Binding yoga can be completed with a partner or alone with simple props like blankets or a block so don’t worry if you don’t have specialized equipment right away!

If done correctly this type of exercise will increase your mobility, strength, balance, range-of-motion all while providing an incredible mindful experience as well!

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