Best Dog Breeds For Home Protection ( Video )

What are the best dog breeds for home protection? Building blocks for home protector. All dogs need basic obedience training this training is important because all pets need a set of instructions and limitations. I call basic obedience Basic communication it establishes the what when and how your dog should behave and your ability to direct and control that behavior.

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Next we’re going to want proper socialization in our home protector this will give you dog the tools to recognize appropriate behavior and different environments.

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You will also be able to identify When other people or other animals are not behaving properly and he can respond accordingly. Other things that I take into account, when considering a good home protector is the dog size.

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Velcro breeds and the breeds energy level Size is important because the reality of it is that most home protectors will have to be man stoppers you’re gonna want a dog that’s Gonna, be able to deal with a full-grown man.

Delgo breeds are great too because they are always by your side The moment something goes down you won’t have to find your dog or call them to your side he will always be there with you

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That’s especially great, when you have small children who may not immediately recognize danger.

Energy level is important for me because in most cases high energy breeds are counterproductive and in a family setting. Most families appreciate a calm relaxing environment you know what your home protected to be a disrupter or distraction to your family’s peace.

Best Dog Breeds For Home Protection
Best Dog Breeds For Home Protection