Dog Lovers Will HATE 😠 This Abusive Dog Owner! Get Your Dogs Away From Him!

Dog abuse comes in different ways, at different levels, and in a different place; but all abuse should be reported and condoned.

– Dogs are helpless creatures, and their health and condition depend on their handler or owner.
– Many times, a dog is abused by their owners, and the poor dogs are left with no choice.
– A man just recently dumped a helpless dog with broken legs, in a random stranger’s house.

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It was a Friday night, at around 11 o’clock at night, when an unidentified man wearing a baseball cap dropped a helpless dog at the doorstep of one random stranger’s house in Flamstead, Hertfordshire.

The dog was reported suffering from a broken leg bone, and it was evidently due to an earlier abuse. The officers of the RSPCA are now looking for the man who dropped the dog and most probably also abused the canine.

After the owner of the house reported the incident, the dog was picked up and brought to the nearest animal medical center for treatment and monitoring.

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Dog Lovers Will HATE 😠 This Abusive Dog Owner!
Dog Lovers Will HATE 😠 This Abusive Dog Owner!