8 Dog 🐶 Gadgets put to the Test ( Video )

What’s up everybody and welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority and today.

I’m going to put to the test bunch of dog gadgets. Let’s check this out.

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Huskies are always hot in the summertime even when you live in a colder climate. They have so much fur.

So I have here couple of these water bottle gadgets for giving your dogs the water. So let’s see what it’s all about. Luke always come up to me and like, ‘pet me!’ Look Hugo. For the first gadget.

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This is a water bottle gadget. Oh my gosh, you see the they want to *laugh* he wants to bite it open. They’re really thirsty right now even though they have water over there.

They just Curious what I’ve got. Stop it. Luke, Hugo stop it. So I’m going to open a water bottle, oh geez, you see they’re trying to drink it, from it But they can’t really.

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So right here I got this gadget right here. Twist opens And there is a ball. Stop Hugo. and you twist it open and you see there’s a ball spinning.

So let’s see what it does There is a cap for a bigger bottle and if you have a smaller bottle like this it’s an attachment.