Find Out How This 38 Lucky Dogs Got Away From Their Abusive Owner! 💔

An elderly woman from Coachella, California, was found guilty of abusing her dogs.

– After a thorough investigation, Deborah Culwell’s dogs were finally rescued from her cruel hands.
– The dog owner was apparently guilty of severe and massive dog abuse.
– In the past few weeks alone, Deborah Culwell abandoned several puppies in the trash.

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When police investigated the reports that came to their attention of a woman who was allegedly abusing her pet dogs, they immediately did everything they can in their powers to obtain custody of the pets who were apparently not being treated right.

In fact, there were previous reports that a few weeks back, the shameless owners mercilessly left several of the puppies out in the trash, with no food or any blanket to help keep them warm.

When the police finally made their rescue mission, they were able to save 38 dogs all in all from the abuser’s custody.

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