3 Magic Shots iPhone App Review

3 magic shotsAre you an apps addict, but hate the high price tags attached to them? If you love trying new apps and are constantly looking for bargains then 3 Magic Shots is the perfect companion for you as this amazing app provides you quick alerts regarding the premium apps that have lately gone free.
3 Magic Shots app developed by Harsh Rajat is just the thing for bargain hunters, and it provides users with a daily guide for the premium apps available for free, and it also gives you a quality check of the free games and applications available.

What does the app feature?

The app also highlights the applications that are now getting more popular, and it also offers staff recommendations that enable users to find the applications that are destined to be the biggest thing in the future. Magic Shots also keeps a track of how many people are interested in the app and this enables you to stay on the cutting edge.

3 magic shots app

There is more to this app than just being a bargain hunter’s tool, and the 3MS is also a spectacularly sleek app which makes it more appealing to those hunting for bargains, and also want the app to look good. The user interface of the app is quite interactive and it is quite simple of use, and a sheer delight to explore and play around with.

What can you see as the app opens?

On the screen of the app, you can clearly see the regular price of the apps, and there are also screenshots from game apps, and the online reviews are also easily accessible. 3MS makes it quite simple to understand whether a game or app would appeal to you. There are also many freebies that you can review as this allows you to take a break from the app hunting experience.

The developers of 3 Magic Shots claim that this app can save the users nearly $50 every month, so this is good news for those looking for quick bargains.