What’s A Great Way To View Twitter On The iPad?

View Twitter On The iPad?Would You Buy A $10,000 Worth iPad? What’s A Great Way To View Twitter On The iPad? Where Are The iPad Engines Built?
Would You Buy A $10,000 Worth iPad?

A rare iPad prototype had two dock connectors, and was the initial iPad design, until it was removed last minute. While it was slashed the last minute and gave way to the first iPad, this prototype made its way to the market and went on sale for a whopping $10,000. A buyer did spend that amount and snagged the prototype as well. Apple has many prototypes of the tablets and phones, but only one final version gets out in the market.

All other prototypes are forbidden by Apple to be sold, and they usually shut down auctions of the item, but Apple failed to take this one down …………………. Read more:

What’s A Great Way To View Twitter On The iPad?

There are plenty of Twitter applications for you if you are tired of using Twitter for iPad, but if you have not found that perfect Twitter app just yet, you may want to try Quip. What sets this application apart is the fact that it allows you to back read on conversations, which are quite difficult to do on other Twitter apps because they tend to get buried under most feeds.

Using Quip allows you to look at threads of conversations so you will know what your friends are talking about before joining in the conversation …………………… read more:

Where Are The iPad Engines Built?

While we all know that most iPad parts and the assembly of the iPad come from China, it is good to know that its key components – which are the engines are created in Austin, Texas.  Most people believe that all the parts of the iPad or iPhone are built in China, but Apple CEO Time Cook spoke at the D10 conference today and said that the engines – which are the most important internal devices of the iPad are built in Samsung’s chip plant in Austin, Texas.

It is also presumed that the same plant will be making the new chips for the new iPads as well ………………………. Read more: