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What’s Free From The Amazon AppstoreWhat’s Free From The Amazon Appstore? Can You Learn To Speak French From The Mac Appstore Have You Seen The Windows Appstore Lately?
What’s Free From The Amazon Appstore?

In an attempt to garner more followers, the Amazon Appstore promised to provide for free what are usually paid apps, and this is done every single day. Today for example, the free application is Humans vs. Aliens, which is typically sold for $0.99 at the Amazon Appstore and the Android Market.

As a tower-defense game, the game involves combating aliens before they reach the village border and slaughter villagers. The game involves five locations which are based in the United States, as well as different human characters and aliens. Using OpenFeint, you can unlock as much as 18 achievements and compare scores with your friends, too …………………………. read more:

Can You Learn To Speak French From The Mac Appstore?

The Mac Appstore has numerous applications available and it includes the Speak and Learn French App. If you want to learn how to speak French with over seven hundred phrases and words. With entertaining visuals and realistic settings, this is one of the surest way to learn French. Other features of the application involve Game Mode and Learn mode, spoken and written French, everyday settings and situations, fun animations and effects.

Whether you’re a beginner with no inkling of French or an intermediate speaker looking to brush up on your French speaking and writing skills, you can always rely on this application to help you learn the language in a flash …………………………. Read more:

Have You Seen The Windows Appstore Lately?

Have you seen the Appstore of Windows lately? Well, it seems that they’re renewing their focus on Personal Computer games providing game downloads from their Windows appstore. There are currently 11 title available on the store when it will be launched, and will include Angry Birds, Full House Poker, Crash Course, Toy Soldiers, Reckless Racing, Rocket Riot among others.

Except for Angry Birds, these games aren’t really popular especially in the Android and iOS market but they are prominent in the Xbox Live Arcade. Aside from these few titles, Microsoft is set to offer a wide selection of games within the next coming months ………………… read more:

Top 9 of strange apps available for the iPhone

strange appsThe reason that most people have fallen in love with the iPhone is the tremendous amount of apps ..........................