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Staying on track with these iPhone apps

Nowadays we move through life faster than ever before. With so much on our plate that we have to handle, it does not strike anyone as strange that it can be hard to get organized. By using a goal setting and tracking app, we will be able to get on track faster than ever before. These are five of the best apps you can find today to keep you on track if that is a New Years resolution.
This great app provides more than handy tools to use – it asks for a rather active community as well. You can receive on-demand coaching whenever you need it from other users that may have experience in certain situations.

The graphics and interface make the app quick and easy to use. Because of the design, it helps you get motivated, make a plan, overcome obstacles, and set goals for ourselves. With the custom support that is provided by other users, it never stops being interesting or useful.

IF you need to track your progress and set goals on a daily basis, TraxItAll is the perfect little app. It does everything one can want to achieve, daily tasks, arranging sales calls, tracking weight loss, and much more. It is certainly worth getting if you want a constant reminder.

Life Goals
It would be hard to recommend an app if it did little more than provide a checklist – that is why Life Goals is different. It uses an Action Priority Matrix that helps prepare a “To Do” list automatically. This helps people reach goals much faster and more effectively.

The To Do list is prepared based on what has the quickest and biggest impact. Life Goals also has other tools such as the Life Chart. This puts your progress into a chart, highlights areas that may need some improvement, and help find a solid balance in your life.

Goal Setting Workshop
This app is available for the iPhone and iPad and helps you set and meet your goals as a coaching tool. It does more than just monitor progress, instead it also helps the user through the stages of creating new goals to determine what should come next.

As the name suggests, the app is a comprehensive workshop that will guide the user through the stages of planning. First, it helps establish goals, and then it helps the user create a plan to reach those goals.

An iPhone and iPad mind-mapping app. It helps you organize your information, ideas, and thoughts in a visual manner. It is easy to use to plan your goals from start to finish, make notes on progress, track tasks, and even brainstorm.

It also has a few interesting other features such as prioritization, cut/copy/paste with other apps, cloud sync, and importing/exporting information.

These are just a handful of apps that are sure to help you get on track and stay there. It would be nice to have our iPhone help us stay focused instead of distracting us for once.