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PlayStation VitaPlayStation Vita – Giving You The World’s Games In Your Hands? What Is PlayStation Vita Near? Details for The PlayStation Vita Rooms in Manchester?
PlayStation Vita – Giving You The World’s Games In Your Hands?

The PlayStation Vita, soon to be launched in the Philippines, is touted as one of the most comprehensive gaming device in the world. This gaming console is fitted with 5-inch OLED screen, two analog sticks and supports Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth and 3G. The console will also be supporting social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Foursquare which will all be available at the PlayStation Store.

More and more people are waiting for its arrival, with hard-core gamers touting it as the best handheld gaming console to rule all the others………….read more:

What Is the PlayStation Vita Near?

There are pre-loaded applications on a new PlayStation Vita, so right after unboxing it, you can actually play it right away. Some games include Welcome Park – which allows you to learn more about the Vita’s features. There’s also an application called NEAR, which is quite like a social networking hub allowing you to connect with other PlayStation Vita users nearby and all around the world.

This application pinpoints your location, but if you are concerned about privacy you can also enable privacy settings to make sure that your location is kept private………………read more:

Details for The PlayStation Vita Rooms in Manchester?

The PlayStation Vita Rooms event will be held in Manchester this January 13 to January 18. And what exactly will happen during this event? Well, it will allow attendees to see and play a wide range of PlayStation Vita games. So if you’re excited for the upcoming release of the Vita, you might want to get a feel of the possible new games that you should expect. To join the event, there’s no need to make bookings.

All you need to do is show up at the event place at 63 Deansgate, Manchester on any of the dates……… read more: