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Sony Playstation Advice, Hints, Tips

The PlayStation Tips – Hints and Tricks. Just out of the box, the PlayStation 3 console is a fantastic machine. However, there is much more you can do that Sony may not tell you about. Unlock everything with these Sony-PlayStation-advice-hints-and-tips.
The Enigmatic PS3 – How to unlock your PS3’s full Potential

There’s no denying that right out of the box the PS3 is a marvel in technological design, a truly state of the art and versatile entertainment system.  But what many PS3 owners don’t know is that right out of the box the PS3 is only at a sliver of what it’s truly capable of. 

Read more to find out what you’re missing and how you can squeeze the most out of your PS3............

The PS3’s Less than adequate Hardrive

It is no secret that although the PS3’s hardrive despite being relatively big....well at least in comparison to the PS1 memory cards, unfortunately pales in comparison to the Xbox360’s and is quite miniature in comparison to the 2 tb hard drives that some modern PC’s boast. 

Many gamers insist that the PS3 Hardrive is simply not large enough but settle for their puny factory purchased PS3 hardrive under the assumption that the PS3’s hardrive is the PS3 hardrive and nothing can be done about it.

Luckily what the PS3 has that the Xbox 360 doesn’t have is the option of upgradability.  The people at Sony were wise to enough to manufacture the PS3 much like a PC. 

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually swap your factory purchased PS3 hardrive by yourself with a much larger hardrive without the support of Sony for nothing but the price of a new hardrive!  This is how: 

Step 1:  Remove the cover flap located at the bottom of your PS3 console. (Ensure that the console is powered off)

Step 2:  Once you have removed the cover flap from the bottom of your PS3 console, look for a blue screw, it’s impossible to miss.  Once you’ve located this screw remove it.

Step 3:  Now you’ll be able to remove the old hard drive from your machine, begin by removing the four screws that are attached to the caddy and slide your old hard factory installed PS3 drive to the right in order to remove it.

Step 4:  Now simply insert your new hard drive into the caddy where the old one previously was, this hard drive can be as big as you would like it to be, the only requirements are that it must be physically the same size as the factory PS3 hard drive. 

Step 5: 
Slide your new hardrive to the left into the caddy and ensure that it’s properly connected to the PS3 slot.

Step 6: Proceed to put everything back together including the cover flap and reboot your PS3 with your brand new hard drive installed.  You will see a message on your television screen that notifies you that it has detected your new hardrive – Simply select your newly installed hardrive and Valla, you’re ready to go.  If you want to be sure that it worked simply Click settings, System settings and system information to check.

The PS3’s Confusing Video Settings

One of the most irritating inconveniences that come lumped in with your PS3 are its lack of ulterior ways of adjusting its video settings.  If you move your PS3 console and connect it with a different television in another room for instance or decide to bring it over to a friend’s house you may be greeted with nothing but a blank screen because of the differences in the resolution settings. 

To add to the frustration of needing to alter the settings you now have the added difficulty of not being able to see the menu from which you need to see in order to change the settings. 

So you are now left staring at an empty screen, with no way of making what would otherwise be an easy and minor adjustment to the video settings......I know, I know, it’s infuriating, but don’t just run out to the garage to get out the sludge hammer just yet, there is a fix!

This is how you can adjust your PS3 so that it will be compatible with your television.  First make sure your PS3 console is turned off.  Then restart it while holding down the power button. 

This resets your PS3 to its default factory settings, this will also reduce your screen resolution down to 480p graphics mode, but from hear you can now easily access whatever settings you need and adjust the screen resolution accordingly.

Tired of Using the PS3 controller for chatting, surfing the net, or just prefer the classic Mouse and Keyboard combination?

It’s no secret that most people still prefer the keyboard and mouse when it comes to certain things like typing or surfing the net than that of the PS3 controller and who can blame them? 

So it comes as no surprise that many PS3 owners want to know how or if they can use a Keyboard and mouse in order to make typing, chatting and browsing easier.  I mean chatting with the PS3 controller is simply impractical.

What may surprise some PS3 owners given that consoles have never before featured this option, is that the PS3 actually has support for the standard mouse and keyboard for PC users. 

Yes, this means you can surf the net, chat, and for all you fans of the mouse and keyboard for FPS and RTS games, the good news is you can play games as well.  If you have a USB Mouse or Keyboard and most people do, simply plug it and play.

Would you prefer to use Bluetooth to chat while gaming?

Enabling this is as easy as pie, simply go to settings, select the accessory menu and proceed to Bluetooth Devices.  From there the console will guide you through the steps. 

Do you not have internet access or is your internet just painfully slow to the point where you couldn’t even bear waiting for your PS3 updates to finish downloading?

You’re not alone.  In fact this is one of the most common areas of frustration with PS3 owners.  What a lot of PS3 owners want to know is is there a way that I can access the latest PS3 updates without access to the internet? 

Most people assume that there’s no way of obtaining these crucial updates without internet access and give up, but don’t fret there’s actually an easy way of obtaining these updates.

Simply download the updates elsewhere, like for instance, your desktop computer, your Labtop, or a friends computer and simply stick them on a tiny USB flash drive or burn them to a CD, from there you can instantly upload them to your PS3 console.

From here simply open the folder and create a subfolder called “UPDATE”, then proceed to, select the top right option, 'related system software' than download the latest updates directly from Sony and place them into your “UPDATE” folder.

Now simply insert this same flash drive or CD into your PS3 and long behold you’ll have the latest system software.

How to make your PS3 console show you ALL of its contained files, not just some

Are you tired of having all your pictures in a specific folder and not being able to access them?  This can no doubt be a mixture of time consuming, irritating and frustrating, but what you might not know is there is a solution to this problem.

Simply insert your memory card into your PS3, select what it is you are trying to view, for instance music, pictures or whatever it may be and then press triangle on one of your PS3 controllers. 

From there simply select the “Display All” option, and there you go, now you can see all your files, your hidden files, and even the files on your IPOD or any other plug and play devices that you might have connected to your PS3.

These are just some of the secrets and tips that can help you get the most out of your PS3.
Problems with the video settings?

One of the more frustrating aspects is the fact that the PS3 has some difficult video settings.

If you bring your console to a friend or even to another room in your house, you may be staring at a blank screen because of the different cable connection or resolution.

Because you are staring at a blank screen, you cannot change the settings.

These PlayStation tips will cause you to have less frustration.

If you want to change these settings without even needing to see anything on the screen, this PlayStation advice will do the trick.

Make sure your PlayStation 3 console is off – then restart it while holding down the power button. This resets your PS3 to the most standard settings.

This also means it goes into 480p graphics mode. You can now easily access whatever settings you need.

What about using peripherals on my machine?

One of the most sought after PlayStation hints is how to make typing and internet access easier.

After all, it is very frustrating having to type out an e-mail or trash talk an opponent with just using the PlayStation controllers.

The Play Station3 actually supports the standard mouse and keyboard for PC users.

This works great with the internet browser and even works perfect on some games.

If you have a USB mouse or keyboard, simply plug it into the USB ports.

If you prefer to use Bluetooth devices, follow these PlayStation tips.

Go to Settings, Accessory and proceed to Bluetooth Devices.

From there the console will guide you through the steps.  

What if I have no internet or slow internet?

Many people run into this problem.

One of the most requested PlayStation hints is how they can still access the latest versions of the Play Station3 system updates, even if they do not have internet access.

So if you have slow or no internet access, you can do the following.

You can download the updates elsewhere, place them on a USB drive or burn them onto a CD and instantly use them on your PlayStation 3 console.

Go to the USB flash drive or disc and create a folder named 'PS3'.

Go inside of that folder and make a subfolder named 'UPDATE'.  Go to click the top right option called 'related system software'.

Download the latest update directly from Sony and place it into the UPDATE folder.

Now when you get home, place the flash drive or the CD into your console and you will have the latest system software without needing to use the internet.

Make your system show all your files

The last of our PlayStation hints shows you how to force your PlayStation 3 to show you specific files.

Having to have your pictures in a specific folder is frustrating.

Put your memory card into PS3. Select what you are trying to view, music, pictures, whatever.

Press triangle on one of your PlayStation controllers and from that menu press 'Display All'.

This will show you all the files.

You can even have the PS3 show you the files on your iPod.

The structure might be confusing, but all your songs are there.

Hopefully these PlayStation tips are going to get you more out your machine.

It is just a shame that Sony tries to keep so many things to themselves.

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