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Red Dead Redemption Review

“The developers of GTA appear to be on a mission to adapt their master sandbox engine to as many scenarios as possible which is great because whatever scenario Rockstar touches seems to turn into gold, Red Dead Redemption one more example of that.” It would be easy to just tell you that this is merely GTA on a horseback because at the core that’s exactly what this game is, but really this game is so much more than that and adds much more to that sandbox open world concept.  If you haven’t figured it out from the screenshots Red Dead Redemption is a Western, although not the first Western on the PS3, certainly the best Western on the market to date.
In Red Dead Redemption you play as a character named John who has just left an outlaw gang in order to be a good normal guy and look after his family.  He returns to the Wild West to confront the gang leader who he knows will go after his wife and kids for leaving the gang.  After being shot at, at the start of the game John is taken in by the townspeople where the action begins and you take control of the character.  Much of the game takes you on a discourse that’ll have you venturing closer and closer to that climactic final battle with the gang leader.  On the way you’ll be able to do everything from play poker to horseshoe, herd cattle and just about everything you could imagine there would be to do in the Wild West.  If GTA 4 is any indication of what kind of game this is, and it is an indicator there’s a ton to do in this game, let’s put it this way, you’ll never be bored.  You can at least put up to thirty hours in the single player campaign.
    Red Dead’s combat is identical to GTA, they both evidently use the same engine, but obviously the engine has been slightly tweaked in order to line up better with the Western theme.  The game also includes that slow motion mechanics which is taken from Red Dead Revolver which allows you to go into a slow motion sequence, while frantically firing off your double pistols, or whatever weapons you have add the time, this sequence really gives you that cinematic feel.  The combat in this game isn’t particularly complicated, it’s fairly easy, a lot of it consists of taking cover behind object and then firing and this formula is generally seen throughout all aspects of the game.  Although you can buy a plethora of guns at gun shops, they are never really necessary.  I managed to get through this game with nothing but a pistol and a rifle.  
When it comes to traversing between locations, Red Dead Redemption has a lot in common with fallout 3.  You have the option of taking transportation or travelling from one area to another with a horse, which can be called in and an instant with a whistle, so you’ll never need to walk on foot for long.  Travelling across the land is very fun and you’ll find yourself wanting to go the scenic route as opposed to taking industrial transportation frequently.  Once you’ve finished with single player game you can also take the game Online and play with up to 15 people at a time.  The graphics in this game are simply breathtaking.  Looking at the sun while it rises up at dawn is very impressive as are all the weather effects in Red Dead.  The characters are incredibly detail and you could tell a lot of time and effort when into designing their facial expressions.  Despite the amount of textures and graphics that Red Dead has to process it manages to do so with minimal frame rate reductions, which is pretty impressive given the depth and scope of the game.  In short Red Dead Redemption is very carefully and meticulously polished Western.  If you’ve been waiting for a killer Western to get on board with, this is without a doubt the best Western game to date.
Rating: 90% “Breathtaking”
Huge open world environments
The game looks extremely good and manages to do so with minimal frame rate reductions
Over thirty hours of game play, there’s always something to do in this game.
None that I can think of