Fifa 09 Review

“What can you say about EA’s Fifa, if you like soccer, Fifa is and likely always will be the best soccer game on the market, 09 is no exception.” Fifa like most of EA sports franchises has been around for a long ass time, I’m talking as far back as the Super NES era, so as you can imagine EA’s had plenty of time to perfect their formula.  EA sports has pretty much dominated the world of sports, not just soccer, but hockey, basketball, football, every mainstream sport you can think of, EA sports owns it.  Few developers even bother going toe to toe with EA anymore, there has been competition in the past, but no developers were able to compete with the meticulously designed EA sports games.
FIFA is more of a simulation soccer game as most EA sports games are, there goal has always been to deliver the most authentic and realistic experience possible, thus it has always been dubbed a simulation despite being easy to pick and play and enthrallingly fun.  There’s a lot more strategy involved in 09, the games pace is a little slower, it can feel a bit sluggish at times if you’re playing with someone who doesn’t have the best connection.  But FIFA 09 is packed with single player and online modes which will keep you entertained for months, there’s almost an infinite amount of gameplay modes and customizable options included with game.  

Fifa 09 is the most realistic soccer simulation to date.  This is how soccer was meant to be played.  You can’t just carry the ball from one end of the field to the other, instead you’ll need to rely on patience, timing and strategy in order to win games.  What is cool about this game is teams and players ratings aren’t permanently fixed, that is the stats that will be updated weekly to reflect how each player and team did that week, they will decrease or increase accordingly.
    You can start FIFA simply by playing a quick game or you can even begin FIFA as a new player in 09 and get called by a national team.  In multiplayer you can actually play with nine other friends and have all those friends on the same team as you, which although I have never tried myself to see if it worked, believe it could be a lot of fun to have a go at with a group of friends, if you have that many friends.  Obviously to realistically and effectively play on the same team with 9 other teammates would be difficult and require a bit of effort to orchestrate an effective and functioning team.
Although the overall presentation of this game is fantastic, I did note that player models can be a bit repetitive at times, some variety would have been nice to see incorporated in this game.  The game also does have some glitches here and there however they’re ultimately very minor, some however can get annoying if you play a lot.  The most notable is the refs tend to be calls off screen which are questionable and seems a bit over the top.  Also the commentators can be off at times and throw the wrong comment in at the wrong time.  But overall as every previous FIFA game, FIFA 09 is the best soccer experience you’re going to get until 2010.
Rating - 88% - “The best soccer experience out there”
An almost infinitive number of options and game modes
Fun gameplay
Great Graphics
Minor glitches here and there