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Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Review

“Another game based on a movie.......*sighs” This game is pretty much on every Platform out there, including PS3 which is ironic because it also sucks pretty much equally on every platform out there.  There was little that Fantastic 4 did right and it has very few redeemable features.
The only good things I could find in this game were you’re always on fire with storm and you can use all the powers of the Fantastic 4 members, you know run around punch stuff, turn invisible, all those neat cool things that maybe cause you to pick up this game regardless, unfortunately these skills are not always at your disposal, there’s a cosmic energy blue bar which determines whether or not you can use one of your Fantastic 4 powers. 

Basically this game plays out like this:  You kill a wave of boring and poorly rendered thugs followed by another wave of the same group of thugs you just killed, go into an elevator, kill another wave of the same bad guys yet again, move forwards, kill another wave guessed it the same mindless thugs you’ve just finished killing three times before and then eventually you run into some pathetic boss who you basically just punch until he dies, no strategy required, nothing difficult, other than the controls and the blatantly bland environments.  This is basically the same formula and pattern that runs through the entire game until you finish.  Also the levels are unnecessarily long, almost half an hour long, and this half an hour feels like a month given you’re basically just doing the same thing over and over again, its absolute insanity.  To make matters worse you can’t save at any point during this long and boring campaign of drudgery.  To accommodate the terrible gameplay and ridiculousness of not being able to save after enduring a twenty minute instance and being forced to start again because, o, I don’t know, the power went out?  The story doesn’t make an ounce of sense.  For a game based on the movie I don’t really blame the developers for having a shitty storyline, after all the story line is based on the movie
    Oddly enough you never even see the silver surfer on the PS3 version of this game, which is kind of absurd give that the game is called “the rise of the silver surfer”.  Basically this game is boring, it sucks, it’s tedious, irritating, just don’t waste your time with this. 
Rating: 0% “If I gave it a 50% would you think any differently about it?  It sucks.”
There are no pros to this game unless you like redundant action and Fantastic Four
The entire game is a con