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iPhone 5 be AvailableWhen Will iPhone 5 be Available? What Should Be done to Save iPhone Battery Life? What's To Look Forward With iPhone 5?
When Will iPhone 5 Be Available?

These seems like a question of every iPhone user. There is always a desire for iPhone fans to upgrade their phones to a better version. And so, as the news of the coming iPhone 5 has been spread the question as to when exactly will it be launched remains unanswered. Some are dying to know the answer to this question to know if they would rather wait for the iPhone 5 or buy the lates iPhone 4S.

It has been announced that iPhone 5 will be launced spring of 2012, but this isn't official more:

What Should Be Done To Save iPhone Battery Life?

Short battery life has been a common problem of iPhone users. This has been a complaint especially on iPhone 4S. ANd with the coming iPhone 5, it has been predicted to have the same issue with the other latest iPhone devices. But this problem has few simple solutions.

One example would be to low the screen brightness.ANother would be to Auto-Lock the screen if you are not using your phone.

These and many more tips will surely help you with your iphone's battery life more:

What's To Look Forward With iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 has not been released and won't be launched till the Spring of 2012. But that doesn't mean its features and appearance has remained a secret. Rumors have been widely spread that iPhone 5 has wider screen, similar to those of Android SmartPhones. It has enhanced home screen buttons and an aluminum unibody.

Now whether or not you're a fan of such creation there is more to iPhone 5 than its appearance that will surely entice you to replace your old yet good iPhone this more: