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Playstation News

Modnation Racer for PlaystationPlaystation Games Going Beyond SOny Devices? What's hot this November on Playstation? What Has Improved in Modnation Racer for Playstation fans?
Playstation Games Going Beyond Sony Devices?

Want to experience Playstation games straight from your mobile phone? During a press conference in Hong Kong, Sony's Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai announced that Playstation games expands beyond Sony devices.

The Playstation Suite will be functional on smartphones, tablets and other devices with certain hardware specifications.................... read more:

What Has Improved in Modnation Racer for Playstation fans?

It may appear to be just any other Racing games. But Modnation Racer has improved since its launch. This game is designed for Playstation Vita and can't be played in Playstation3 or Playstation Portable.

This game makes you appreciate Playsation Vita as it showcases the good gaming qualities of the device needed for an exciting Modnation Racer experience..................... read more:

What's Hot this November on Playstation?

One of the most awaited Sony Playstation product will be out this mid-November. That is no other than the Sony PlayStation 3D Monitor. Sony finally gave their word last October 19, 2011 that the Sony Playstation 3D Monitor will be released on November 13, 2011 for $499.99.

The Sony 3D Monitor will come with a pair of PlayStation-certified universal 3D glass giving you that overall 3D exeprience right at your home..................... read more: